Friday, April 5, 2013

Whitmore's Auto-ethnography of the syllabus assignment. Part 1 or: My attempt at a lazy allie brosh whilst explaining the problem of limited accessibility of teacher administrative resources

So today I was thinking of doing work before 9:00 AM, which many people claim to do, but are often times doing it thanks to drugs:

                 *The brown stuff is coffee, or just speedballs, who knows, right?

I was all about working and doing all the things and junk.

Which gave way to false weather report induced mania:

This may be why Weather Channel music is a combination of House and Ambient techno filled in with some smooth Sax.

So I am running on all cylinders, I don't need no V8 Ketchup juice! But right out the gate I hit the wall. I have no idea what a syllabus has to look like, because I don't have anything to compare.

I haven't taken an undergrad class in about 10 years, meanwhile things like youtube, cell phone cameras, skrillex, substance D, HD TV, and the death of Michael Jackson have all occurred. No worries, just see what is on the web.

That is when tragedy struck.

The only repository I could find was at Clemson. Take a look, it is pretty nice, but think about what this means. Other lazy professors who wake up before 9AM may also be squeezed for time to make a syllabus and just use one of the Clemson pieces. This could lead to Clemsoning of higher educational practice, where Clemson courses become the standard. This is unacceptable! As a Hokie, I demand that Virginia Tech should be remodeling the entire university educational system.

While drifting closer to the 11AM after having conceived and processed this portion of the update, I wonder how the role of the syllabus, as a tool, is changing. A centralizing document isn't really necessary in a decentralized, democratic, system, right?

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