Saturday, April 20, 2013

Analytics of adult puppies in comparison to horrible music.

I am using the iPad blogger app for this post, please bear with me. I am in thesis land this weekend and I have limited resources to explore gedi training, at the moment. I do have a computer in my hands so I wanted to see what could happen. This is what happened: Pictures of adult puppies and terrible music. I had an adult puppy, an iPad, and a dream of monetized ad revenue. I also only had a few minutes to put this all together, but my hunch is that people will enjoy the dog in comparison to my horrible music.

Update #1

So I learned this week that analytics for youtube to blogger doesn't work that well. One reason is the views that occur off of the blogger site. This came up in someone's earlier blog post, or in class, regarding proper linkages to content to ensure accurate representation. Once these systems become more integrated to trans-platforms maybe these areas of qualitative/quantitative analysis would provide some measure of learning. The horrible music video has since been removed to spare other course mates the horror of having to listen to intentional garbage.  

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