Thursday, April 25, 2013

Turning "real life" into a PBL assignment

This week's presentations made me realize the importance of audience teacher relationships. I enjoyed the aspect of presentations that made students feel welcomed; those presentations that produced a want to learn. There was a certain room shift at one point, and I think that is one of the things that will occur in the classroom, given colleges' current time/spatial complexity in the United States of America compared  to homogeneous communities. People are meeting people for the first time, and stuff still goes wrong.

Anyway, I figured that students could possibly get away from identity politics if they focused on those strengths we had discussed a few classes ago.

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Maybe if we tailored the education to the individual, while still in a group setting, providing opportunities for participatory outlets in the strength format, we could simply tailor the assignment to something extremely daily. Instead of hypothetical's, we get students to fill out their bureaucratic paperwork; get students to get in groups and purchase clothing online; get their trip home tickets; stuff like that. The assignment is to simply incorporate course material, which appears to be along the general lines of X is screwing up student's life in this way. You make the assessment a project deliverable with deliberation, either group or instructor focused, that way the student has an opportunity to discuss the merits of outcomes.

Naturally, lawyers will hate this.

random video, check your youtubes before going to apply for jobs. You may get a case of mistaken identity:

goes either way, I guess......

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