Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Complexity of Racism Based Action

This was a difficult blog to write because diversity, and by way of otherness, is such a grotesquely simple topic that provokes a wide range of crazy. I was going to go through and list protests that have occurred at Virginia Tech, such as the 2003 affirmative action case involving Attorney General Kilgore's opinion about the legality (he said it was invalid) of Virginia Tech's affirmative action policy,  that one didn't work out well. I wanted to talk about Professor Christopher Clement, who's scholarship and educational background were grounds for employment termination. There were others, and I welcome other memories in the comments, but without challenging our everyday assumptions that enable institutional racism, these protest memories will keep being posted. So I don't know how to do this post, other than post a racial toned Louis CK explaining whiteness, and Angela Davis explaining violence.

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